Extra Features

Extra Features

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Some extras to help you getting results!

YnnovBooking grants you a great experience in managing your holiday rentals in a powerful and effortless way.

YnnovBooking also offers other extra modules designed to make the hosting manager’s time profitable so that he has all the information centralised in one place.

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Full access to guests' information like name, email, and country. You can also check all the bookings that one guest has done in your accommodation

Notifications & Alerts

Possibility to check all the new information one timeline

City Tax

Automatically calculates the amount of city tax you will have to pay associated with each reservation of each accommodation


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Statistic Reports

They will show you the results of your accommodations: Infos like RevPar or ADR, cancellation fee, occupancy tax, and others


Human resources management

Owners Portal

With several profiles available the owner can also have an idea of how the work has been done

Relatórios INE/SREA

Necessary information to fill documents about national statistics

Keyless Door System

Integration with Homeit to provide the codes to open the accommodations


All synchronisations are performed automatically to minimize the time spent by the manager